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About the eLearning Program

The online course program on groundwater modelling allows you to learn from home or office. Avoid tight schedules and high travel expenses and benefit from a flexible learning environment.

Our instructor-led online courses are designed as a combination of hands-on software exercises and lectures on theory and relevant practical aspects. This groundwater course program covers a variety of different topics such as groundwater modelling at mine sites, reactive transport, FEFLOW Python interfacing, geothermal applications, density-driven flow and much more.

FEFLOW is widely recognised as a most comprehensive software package for subsurface flow and transport simulation. FEFLOW’s unique meshing capabilities (structured and unstructured) provide the highest degree of flexibility in all modelling processes. The software is used by leading research institutes, universities, consulting firms and government organisations all over the world.

Introduction to density-driven flow for mining applications

Modelling Lithium brines with FEFLOW
  • Three online sessions (2 hours each)
  • Implementation of a dynamic evaporation boundary
  • Theorethical background and application of density-driven flow in FEFLOW
  • Definition of boundary conditions (flow and mass)
  • Unsaturated-flow parametrization
  • Scenario analysis (implementation of wells, etc.)

Groundwater modelling for open-cast mining

Using unstructured meshes for mining applications
  • Three online sessions (2 hours each)
  • Using unstructured meshes for open-cast geometry
  • Estimation of dewatering volumes
  • Temporal changes of excavation (mining plan)
  • Estimate of pore pressure profiles
  • Creation of draw-down map
  • Faults, fractures and anisotropic media

Modelling of geothermal applications

Get started with geothermal modelling
  • Two online sessions (2 hours each)
  • Modelling shallow geothermal systems
  • Modelling deep geothermal systems
  • Density and viscosity effects
  • Open-Loop and Closed-Loop systems
  • Implementation of atmospheric conditions

FEFLOW - Python Interfacing

Use the Python Interfacing to optimize your projects
  • Three online sessions (2 hours each)
  • Best practice with FEFLOW Open Programming Interface
  • Use of external packages (pandas, matplotlib, etc.)
  • Smart result visualization
  • Pre / Post-processing methods
  • Working with selections and time-series
  • Automatic comparison of model results

Mass Transport and reactive transport

Discover the entire spectrum of transport
  • Two online sessions (2 hours each)
  • Conservative mass transport
  • Reactive and multi-species transport (FEFLOW)
  • Using PHREEQC with FEFLOW: "The FEFLOW piChem Solution"
  • Dealing with numerical oscillations
  • Modelling acid mine drainage (AMD)

Introduction to 3D Fully-Unstructured Meshes

Get an overview about advantages of working with new meshes
  • Three online sessions (2 hours each)
  • Interoperability with geological software
  • Advanced use of the 3D Layer Configurator for complex geological structures
  • Introducing local structures (pipes, tunnels, conduits, etc.) into an existing 3D model
  • Best practice of data preparation
  • Multiple tips, tricks and discussion on multiple user mistakes

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