MIKE+ – Assessing water distribution networks with advanced analyses

Learn how to evaluate the performance and efficiency of your water distribution network using the MIKE+ Special Analyses module.

Blended course details


Module 1 | Introduction to modelling course
Topics: Overview of the course modules

Module 2 | Pipe break analysis
Topics: Determining the amount of water leaking from a pipe

Module 3 | Pressure dependent demands
Topics: Simulating how water demands change with the available service pressure

Module 4 | Variable speed pumps
Topics: Simulating pumps with frequency drive

Module 5 | Real-time control
Topics: Defining complex real-time controls for pump and valve operations

Module 6 | Flushing analysis
Topics: Developing flushing plans for conventional or uni-directional flushing

Module 7 | Shutdown planning
Topics: Analysing water supply conditions during system shutdowns or maintenances


Petr Ingeduld is a senior project manager and hydraulic engineer with over 20 years professional experience.

Throughout his career, Petr focused on development and application of hydraulic models to support water supply and distribution. He has managed projects in many countries around the world and provided technical direction and troubleshooting on modelling efforts. He has published over 100 research and professional papers.

Petr is an authorised DHI trainer.

MSc, Hydraulic Engineering; Ing. CTU Prague, Czech Republic

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