A Comprehensive Course in Integrated Urban Flood Modelling

Using MIKE+

An online, self-paced course combined with private virtual meetings with a DHI urban water tutor

This course teaches you how to address urban flood modelling in a comprehensive and holistic way. It enables you to consolidate and develop your modelling skills a level where you can apply your knowledge across a variety of urban flood projects.

Bonus: Completing this course unlocks your ability to enrol in more advanced MIKE+ training courses.

Affordable and convenient high-quality technical training!

Do you work in the field of urban flooding or modelling?

Do you wish to learn how to use MIKE+ for integrated urban flood modelling?

Do you have a basic knowledge of urban hydrology and network hydraulics, for instance MIKE+ CS (MIKE1D)?

Then you’re ready to learn how to set up integrated urban flood modelling models, run simulations and analyses across a variety of urban flooding-related projects using MIKE+.

All you have to do is complete 6-module, self-paced from the comfort of your own convenient location and arrange two 30-minute online sessions.

As a bonus, you get 1-2 hours of extra course materials per session so you can dive even deeper via self-study into the features of MIKE+.

Course details

This is a self-paced, online course where learning is through video lectures, demonstration videos and quizzes, hands-on exercises and reading materials.

Each of the 6 modules is approximately 120 minutes (2 hours). Additionally, you get two 30-minute virtual meetings with your own DHI urban tutor to help optimise learning processes.

To reach course learning objectives you are expected to complete all 6 modules and the two tutoring sessions within 30 days of receiving receipt of your free Internet license.

Module 1: 1D modelling and flood analysis
Review of MIKE+ and 1D network flood modelling

Module 2: Integrated urban flood model preview
Preview of basic integrated flood modelling workflow in MIKE+

Module 3: 2D Overland modelling and building urban meshes
Introduction to 2D overland models and building urban domain meshes in MIKE+

Module 4: Coupling network and 2D overland models
How to couple network and 2D overland models in MIKE+

Module 5: River networks and channels in MIKE+
Extra module introducing natural channel and river modelling in MIKE+

Module 6: Flood model simulations and results
Setting-up and running flood simulations, and viewing results

Register for the course whenever it suits you. After receiving your payment, we save your seat and send you a password and free Internet license. Your tutor will contact you to arrange the timing of your two online meetings. You are expected to complete your course and online meetings within 30 days after receipt of software license.

6 self-paced modules and 2 online personal tutor sessions

200 excl. vat
  • Includes a training certificate and full access to MIKE+ throughout the course

Your training team

Nina Donna Sto. Domingo

Niña Donna Sto. Domingo is an urban flooding drainage engineer in the Urban Water Department at DHI.

She specialises in modelling tools for water supply, drainage and sewerage engineering and has developed an expertise in the application of various urban flood modelling techniques, including CADSS. Niña is also working on research and consultancy projects related to urban flood modelling and climate change impact analyses.

Nina is an authorised DHI trainer.

MSc, Civil Engineering, Asian Institute of Technology and EuroAquae.

Your Personal DHI Tutor

You will have two 30-minute online sessions with a personal tutor during the length of the course.

Your tutor will contact you after you receive your license file for the course. Then, together you will arrange the most convenient timing of your online meetings.

You are expected to complete the course and online meetings within 30 days after receipt of your free Internet license.


A Comprehensive Course in Urban Flood Modelling