A Comprehensive Course in
Urban Drainage Modelling

Using MIKE+ Collection System (MIKE 1D)

Online learning: A self-paced course combined with online meetings with your own private DHI urban tutor

This course will teach you how to address urban drainage modelling in a comprehensive and holistic way. It will enable you to consolidate and continue developing your modelling skills up to the level where you can apply your knowledge across a variety of urban drainage projects. The course will provide you with the possibility of enrolling in more advanced MIKE+ training courses.

Affordable and convenient high-quality technical training!

Are you a professional, a researcher or similar in the fields of urban storm water drainage or wastewater collection? Do you have a basic knowledge of urban hydrology and network hydraulics?

Are you prepared to do a six-module self-study course within 30 days –at your own pace – from the comfort of your own office, home or any location convenient for you? And, in addition, have the possibility to arrange two online sessions, each of thirty minutes’ duration, with your own private DHI urban tutor to monitor your progress and discuss your challenges?

If yes, you can benefit from this course. Upon completion of your course, you will be able to apply the features of MIKE+ that are essential to set up urban collection system models, run simulations and review results across a variety of projects.

As a bonus, DHI has added extra course materials, offering you the opportunity to invest an extra 1-2 hours of self-study per session to dive even deeper into the features of the MIKE+ Collection System (MIKE 1D) software.

Course details

This is a self-paced course. You will learn online through a combination of video lectures, demonstration videos and quizzes, hands-on exercises and reading materials. Additionally, you get two one-to-one online meetings with your own DHI urban tutor. In this way, your learning process and objectives are optimised.

Approximately 120 minutes (two hours) work per module is expected to get the maximum out of the course in addition to two 30-minute one-to-one online tutor meetings.

You are expected to complete your course and online meetings within 30 days of receiving receipt of your free, Internet license.

Module 1: Introduction to MIKE+
Basics features of MIKE+ and understanding modelling workflows

Module 2: Introduction to modelling theory and practice
Basics of urban drainage modelling theory, MIKE+ model elements

Module 3: Import –Export facilities 
Import of model data from external sources, import of existing MIKE URBAN projects from*.mdb and GDB files, load MIKE URBAN+ projects or export MIKE+ models to ArcGIS Pro

Module 4: Model setup
Understanding catchment and network models; editing model data, tabular functions

Module 5: Time series editor and boundary conditions
Working with TS editor; specification of wastewater load points and diurnal variation;rainfall, wastewater and water levels boundary conditions

Module 6: Running simulations and viewing results – Defining model outputs and setting-up and running simulations; viewing and reporting

Register for the course whenever it suits you. When payment is received, your seat is guaranteed, and you will receive your password for the course as well as the name and contact information of your tutor. Your tutor will contact you directly in order to arrange the approximate timing of your online meetings.

6 self-paced modules and 2 online one-to-one meetings

200 excl. vat
  • Includes a training certificate, full access to MIKE+ throughout the course, and 10% discount on perpetual license or annual subscription packages including MIKE+

Your training team

Berislav Tomicic

Berislav Tomicic is a Senior Engineer at the Urban Water Department at DHI.

Berislav has a broad project work experience in Denmark, Europe, Asia, the United States and Latin America. His expertise involves urban stormwater and wastewater drainage modelling, urban flooding and climate change. Berislav has extensive experience in teaching urban drainage modelling at Danish and international universities while also providing training for MIKE+ and other related models and tools.

Berislav is an authorised DHI trainer.

MSc, Hydraulic Engineering, IHE Delft, The Netherlands.

Your Personal DHI Tutor

You will have your own personal tutor on this course for two online sessions, each of thirty minutes.

You will be contacted directly by your tutor when you receive your license file for the course. You and your tutor will arrange the approximate timing of your online meetings at the most convenient time.

Your tutor knows that you are expected to complete your course and online meetings within 30 days after receipt of your free, Internet license.


A Comprehensive Course in
Urban Drainage Modelling