MIKE ECO Lab - Creating a framework for water quality and ecological modelling

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This online course is divided into four modules.

Module 1 | Fundamentals of MIKE ECO Lab for ecosystem modelling
Topics: Ecosystem modelling, modelling cycle, simple model setup and execution, scenarios

Module 2 | Ecosystem modelling
Topics: MIKE ECO lab templates, model selection, data input, conversion of monitoring data to model parameters, model calibration

Module 3 | My first MIKE ECO Lab model
Topics: Goodness-of-fit, linkages to hydrodynamic models, build-in functions, model components

Module 4 | Increasing complexity
Topics: Schematic models, coupled differential equations, NPZD models


Anders’ background is in ecological modelling of freshwater systems and the marine environment. He has extensive expertise in 2D & 3D hydrodynamic and environmental challenges including pycnocline modelling, algae blooms and oxygen depletion. He is currently working on a project that features real-time modelling, forecasting and research utilising the 3D ecological model developed for the Danish waters. Anders is also responsible for the development and evaluation of early warning systems for bathing water quality.

MSc, Civil Engineering, Technical University of Denmark

Trine has qualifications in hydrodynamic and ecological modelling of both marine and freshwater environments. She has expertise in modelling the aquatic environment for management purposes including EIAs, local planning and supporting design processes. Trine has experience using MIKE 21 and MIKE 3 as the basis for MIKE ECO Lab and ABM Lab and is also an experienced user of Delft3D FM and DelWAQ.

M. Eng, Aquatic Science and Technology, Technical University of Denmark

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