10:00-11:00 | Registration and coffee

11:00-11:10 | Welcome

11:10-12:30 | 25-minute presentations including:

    • Innovating Fast Wave Emulator (Jacob Thornfeldt, DHI)
    • The changing role and application of MIKE modelling (Naomi Shannon, RPS)
    • Modelling nutrients and their influence on macroalgae growth using Mike21 Ecolab (Jingjing Xue, Intertek)

12:30-13:30 | Lunch

13:30-15:35 | 25-minute presentations including:

    • What’s new in MIKE 2023 (Mark Britton, DHI)
    • Hydraulic containment assessment of an underground project located in the vicinity of a shoreline (Florrent Boddaert, Piteau)
    • MIKE applications to Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management – examples from central south coast of England (Matthew Wadey & Alex Hillawi, BCP Council/Coastal partners)
    • Taking it to the next dimension: recent examples where 3D makes all the difference (Jack Shipton, Intertek)
    • MIKE ZERO interface, FM numerics and Cloud execution (Steve Flood, DHI)

15:35-16:15 | Afternoon coffee, tea and anniversary cake

16:15-17:55 | 25-minute presentations including:

    • The Application of Sediment Transport Modelling to Support Coastal Management Decision-Making (Paul Norton, AECOM)
    • Coastal bathing water modelling and stakeholder engagement in the South of England (Vera Jones & Rachel White, Atkins and Port & Coastal Solutions)
    • Application of sediment transport modelling as a proxy for contaminant dispersal (Adam Fulford, ABPmer)
    • Key new features MIKE Marine software (Steve Flood, DHI)

17:55-18:00 | Closing remarks

18:00-19:00 | Free time for emails, socialising or a walk

19:00-23:00 | Symposium dinner hosted by DHI

8:00-9:00 | Breakfast and check-out

9:00-10:35 | 25-minute presentations including:

    • MIKE Data Link – the new smart way to generate boundaries for MIKE models (Lisbeth Pedersen, DHI)
    • Implementing the TSSF Model at ECMWF (Kevin Sheehy, Met Eireann)
    • Modelling wave attenuation by salt marsh using MIKE SW, MIKE3 Wave FM and XBeach-NH-Veg models (Sathish Kumar V, Mott MacDonald)
    • Approaches for Generating Long Term Nearshore Wave Climates (Karim Rakha & Callum Rowett, Jacobs)

10:35-10:50 | Short break 

10:50-12:05 | 25-minute presentations including:

      • Eutrophication modelling to assess environmental impact on marine habitats from aquaculture (Mads Birkeland, DHI, Environmental solutions)
      • Biophysical modelling to assess environmental interactions of salmon aquaculture in Scottish coastal waters (Tom Adams, Scottish Sea Farms)
      • MetOcean On Demand Data Portal (Jacob Thornfeldt, DHI)

12:05-12:20 | Award presentation and wrap up