FEFLOW – Introduction and advanced topics

An instructor-led online course

Learn to simulate groundwater processes involving flow, contaminants, groundwater age and heat transport under fully or variably saturated conditions

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This instructor-led online course includes eleven 2-hour modules and one optional 2-hour group discussion session. The next training starts 4 September and continues every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday until 25 September from 09:00-11:00 (UTC).


    • Introduction to FEFLOW and its graphical user interface
    • Creating 2D and 3D mesh geometries (structured and unstructured meshes)
    • FEFLOW’s interface with geological software
    • Setting up flow models with confined and unconfined aquifers
    • Setting up mass-transport models and groundwater-age models
    • Setting up steady-state and transient models
    • Usage of GIS/CAD data interfaces and other formats
    • Results evaluation, visualisation and animation


    • Unsaturated flow modelling
    • Density-dependent flow modelling
    • Heat transport, including geothermal energy systems (closed/open-loop)
    • Fractures and discrete features
    • Multicomponent transport and chemical reactions
    • Introduction to the FEFLOW programming interface and Python scripting
    • Introduction to automatic model calibration with FePEST
    • Create unstructured meshes



Dr. Carlos Rivera Villarreyes works as Global Product Specialist for FEFLOW at DHI. He has profound knowledge of groundwater and unsaturated-zone modelling as well as parameter estimation and uncertainty analysis (e.g., with PEST), all these in the context of mining applications among others. He has carried several groundwater modelling projects and trained professionals in groundwater modelling around the globe.

Dipl.-Ing. (FH), Civil Engineering, University of Piura, Peru
MSc, Desert Studies – Water Resources Management, Ben-Gurion University, Israel
PhD, Hydrology, University of Potsdam, Germany

Ms. Sophie Gruschka is a water resources engineer and part of the Sales Service and Support team at DHI Germany. She specializes in the modelling of groundwater flow and quality. She supports customers with the development of groundwater modelling tools via Python. In addition to her modelling portfolio, Sophie has experience in water sampling and chemical analyses.

MSc., Water Resources Engineering, Lund University
BSc., Environmental Sciences, TU Bergakademie, Freiberg

Mr. Jintao Liu is a member of the Sales Service and Support team at DHI Germany. He specializes in hydrogeological modelling with FEFLOW and has consulting experience in mass/heat transport processes and regional groundwater management. Within his tasks, he supported local and international customers via training courses and technical support services in English, German and Chinese.

MSc, Hydrogeology, Freie Universität Berlin
BSc, Applied Geophysics, China University of Geosciences, Beijing (CUGB)

Dr. De Gaspari is a FEFLOW consultant at DHI and has in-depth knowledge of numerical methods for groundwater and transport modelling as well as calibration and programming in Python and C++. Geochemical and transport modelling is her specialty and she has trained professionals in groundwater and transport modelling in several countries.

PhD, Hydrogeology, Polytechnical University of Barcelona
MSc Civil Engineering, Polytechnical University of Milan

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FEFLOW: An all-in-one groundwater modelling solution

Simulate a multitude of groundwater processes involving flow, contaminants, groundwater age and heat transport under fully or variably saturated conditions.

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