DHI at IFAT 2024

From the International Trade Fair for Wastewater Technology to the global network for environmental technologies, IFAT has come a long way since its inauguration in 1966. If you would like to know more about the world’s leading trade fair IFAT Munich or the international events, you can find out more here: IFAT 2024.

DHI also has a long history. The end of February 2024 – February 25th to be precise – marks DHI’s 60th anniversary, a journey it embarked on to promote and share knowledge about our hydraulic and hydrological world. This is an amazing achievement we’re proud of.

Come meet us at IFAT 2024, the world’s leading trade fair for environmental technologies, so we can discuss how DHI’s 60 years of dedicated research, project and consulting activities can help you solve your water challenges. We are your local contact for topics relating to the entire water cycle. Let’s master the challenges of water management together!

We are excited about enthralling discussiongs, interesting encounters and seeing many new and familiar faces. If you would like to make an appointment in advance, we will be happy to make time for you! Please let us know the desired date and time. You will find us in hall B2 at stand number 252. 

DHI – Master the Challenges of Water Management

Urbanisation is the challenge of the century.  Increasing population combined with climate change are putting significant pressure on managing water in cities. Communities and industries are urged like never before to find innovative ways to use and maintain water systems efficiently in cities – today and in the future.

The effects of climate change are omnipresent and we are confronted with drought, summer heat islands, heavy rainfall events and flooding. These effects overlap and present us with new challenges in water management. But it is not just urban areas that are affected. Rural areas must also adapt to the climatic changes. Based on this, we always try to take a holistic view of the issue of water and create sustainable solutions. 

How we can help 
What drives us at DHI is finding solutions and developing technologies to solve difficult (urban) water challenges. Preemptive and prudent planning is a great way to implement mitigation measures in a targeted and efficient manner. Our goal is to support you achieve your sustainable water management strategies for the future.

Meet DHI's experts

Christian Pohl

Head of Water Supply, Urban Drainage & Wastewater Treatment, DACH

Expert of:
B2B, Innovations, Drainage Network, Drinking Water Networks, Wastewater Treatment Plants, Digital Twin,

Dominic Spinnreker-Czichon
CEO Germany,
Head of Infrastructure

Expert of:
Water Resources, Data Management, Environmental Footprint

Katharina Steinmayr

Project Manager Water Supply & Urban Drainage,

 Expert of:
Water in Cities,  Urban Drainage, Efficient Water Distribution, Advanced Modelling

Robert Bertsch
Project Manager Water Supply & Urban Drainage,

Expert of:
Urban Water Cycle, Urban Drainage, Sustainable Water Distribution

Ramona Ridder, M.Eng.

Project Engineer Water Supply & Urban Drainage

Expert of:
Urban Water Cycle, Urban Drainage, Sustainable Water Distribution

Judith Benet Bayo
Project Engineer Water Supply & Urban Drainage

Expert of:
Urban Water Cycle, Urban Drainage, Sustainable Water Distribution

Mohammadjavad Mehrani, Ph.D.
Process Modelling Engineer Water Supply & Urban Drainage

 Expert of:
Process Modelling of Waste Water Treatment Plants

Milan Suchanek

Project Engineer Water Supply & Urban Drainage

Expert of:
Urban Water Management, RDI, GIS, Web-APIs

Petr Dolejs
Project Engineer Wastewater Treatment

Expert of:
Waste-to-Energy Technologies, WWTP Process modeling and Simulation

Rolf Timmermann

MIKE Sales,
Water Resources - Global Management

Expert of:
GIS, MIKE Software, Web-APIs

Wencke Schubert

MIKE Sales Manager

Expert of:
MIKE powered by DHI Software

Wo sind wir zu hören und zu sehen!

Wir stellen unsere Ideen und Konzepte, Lösungen und Anregungen auf dem Forum in der Halle B2 vor.

September - Landwirtschaftliche Bewässerung

Zusätzliche Kurzpräsentationen an unserem Stand - regelmäßig!


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WaterNet Advisor

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    • Wasserhaushaltsmodellierung im Agrarsektor: (Deutsch oder Englisch)

We are looking forward to meeting you at IFAT 2024!


Wer ist DHI WASY

Die Kernkompetenz von DHI liegt in der Digitalisierung, Modellierung und Visualisierung von Wassersystemen. Dabei betrachten wir den Wasserkreislauf in seiner Gesamtheit – sowohl den Bezug jedes einzelnen Kompartiments auf unsere Umwelt, als auch die Interaktionen untereinander.

Unser Ansatz lautet „Wasserwirtschaft 4.0“, das heißt wir vernetzen und managen vielfältige Informationen, erstellen Software-Kopplungslösungen und bieten maßgeschneiderte, komplexe Echtzeit-Anwendungen mit Eingang in Automatisierungs-Systeme zur Betriebssteuerung. Professionelle Visualisierungsmöglichkeiten erlauben es, Wasser-Wirkungen darzustellen und Projekte erfolgreich zu präsentieren.

DHI ist seit über 50 Jahren führend in der Forschung und Entwicklung innovativer Lösungen im Bereich Wasser und Umwelt. Dieses Wissen ist in unsere MIKE Powered by DHI Softwareprodukte und -lösungen eingeflossen. Die DHI-Gruppe arbeitet in 32 Landesgesellschaften; die DHI WASY GmbH vertritt die Gruppe in Deutschland, Österreich und der deutschsprachigen Schweiz und bietet Software, Consulting und Weiterbildung an.


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