Introduction to MIKE URBAN+ FLOOD

Blended Online Learning: A self-paced course combined with online one-to-one tutoring

Use the MIKE URBAN+ platform for flood modelling!

This new online course allows attendees to learn at their own pace. It includes topics ranging from the basic principles of integrated urban flood modelling to technical details such as how to set-up an integrated 1D-2D urban flood model with 2D overland, collection system, and channel components in MIKE URBAN+. 

Affordable and convenient high quality technical training!

Are you an urban flood engineer in practice or training? Do you wish to learn how to use MIKE URBAN+ for integrated flood modelling? Do you have a basic knowledge of Collection System modelling with the software?

Are you prepared to allocate time for six self-paced modules and two online one-to-one meetings (approximately thirteen hours)?

If yes, you can benefit from this blended online learning/self-paced course. You’ll learn the basic options for viewing integrated flood modelling results and how to interpret them. After finishing the course, you’ll be able to apply your learnings to perform urban flood modelling using MIKE URBAN+ in relation to your work in flood risk management and planning, and other related domains.


DHI has added extra course materials offering you the opportunity to invest an extra 1-2 hours of self-study per session to master the software.

Course details

This is a self-paced, “blended” virtual course. You will learn online, through video lectures, demonstration videos and quizzes, as well as through hands-on exercises and reading materials. Additionally, you get two online, one-to-one meetings with your own DHI urban tutor. In this way, your learning process and objectives are optimized. 

Approximately 120 minutes (two hours) word per module is expected to get the maximum out of the course in addition to two 30 minute one-to-one online tutor meetings.

Module 1: Collection system networks and flood modelling – Review of MIKE URBAN+ and 1D network flood modelling

Module 2: Integrated flood modelling overview – Preview of basic integrated flood modelling workflow in MIKE URBAN+

Module 3: 2D Overland modelling – Introduction to 2D overland models and building urban domain meshes in MIKE URBAN+

Module 4: 1D-2D Coupling – How to couple network and 2D overland models in MIKE URBAN+

Module 5: Introduction to river networks – Extra module introducing natural channel and river modelling in MIKE URBAN+

Module 6: Running flood simulations and viewing results – Setting up and running flood simulations and viewing results

Register for the course whenever it suits you. When payment is received, your seat is guaranteed, and you will receive your password for the course as well as the name and contact information of your tutor. You will have 30 days to complete the course. Your tutor will contact you directly in order to arrange the approximate timing of your online meetings.

This course offer is available until 31 December 2020 by which date you should have completed your course, including your online meetings.

6 self-paced modules and 2 online one-to-one meetings

200 excl. vat
  • Includes a training certificate, full access to MIKE URBAN+ throughout the course, and 10% discount on perpetual license or annual subscription packages including MIKE URBAN+ through 31 December 2020

Your instructors

Berislav Tomicic

Berislav Tomicic works as Senior Engineer at the Urban Water Department at DHI.

Berislav has a broad project work experience in Denmark as well as in Europe, Asia, the United States and Latin America, including urban stormwater and wastewater drainage modelling, urban flooding and climate change. Berislav has extensive experience in teaching urban drainage modelling at Danish and international universities, as well as in providing training for MIKE URBAN and other related models and tools.

MSc, Hydraulic Engineering, IHE Delft, The Netherlands.

Francisco Laurito

Francisco Laurito is responsible for the technical support of the hydraulic modelling and technical support of rainwater collection systems and potable water distribution systems through MIKE URBAN, as well as the modelling of urban floods for DHI Denmark.

Francisco has vast experience in the design, operation and optimization of systems in urban water networks in Denmark, Costa Rica and Rwanda. He has been involved in the design and development of MIKE URBAN+ software as well as application tools and numerical engines.

MSc, Civil Engineering, Technical University of Denmark

Morten Just Kjølby

Morten Just Kjølby is the Product Manager for Urban Water, DHI’s Group Sales with particular responsibility for MIKE URBAN+.

Morten has specialised knowledge of climate adaptation and urban water projects in Denmark as well as in Europe, Australia, Asia and the United States. Morten has extensive training experience in MIKE URBAN, MIKE FLOOD and other relevant models and tools for climate adaptation and flooding worldwide. Clients include, amongst others, Danish and international research institutions and universities, engineering consultants, and urban water utilities.

MSc, Civil Engineering, Technical University of Denmark.

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Introduction to MIKE URBAN+ FLOOD