Leveraging the power of integrated urban flood modelling

Using MIKE+

A blended course

Develop comprehensive modelling skills and boost confidence in applying them across a variety of urban flood projects.

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The course consists of six step-by-step modules. You will start from scratch and gradually build your own model.

Module 1 | 1D modelling and flood analysis
Review of MIKE+ and 1D network flood modelling

Module 2 | Integrated urban flood model preview
Preview of basic integrated flood modelling workflow in MIKE+

Module 3 | 2D Overland modelling and building urban meshes
Introduction to 2D overland models and building urban domain meshes in MIKE+

Module 4 | Coupling network and 2D overland models
How to couple network and 2D overland models in MIKE+

Module 5 | River networks and channels in MIKE+
Extra module introducing natural channel and river modelling in MIKE+

Module 6 | Flood model simulations and results
Setting-up and running flood simulations, and viewing results


Niña Donna Sto. Domingo is an urban flooding drainage engineer in the Urban Water Department at DHI.

She specialises in modelling tools for water supply, drainage and sewerage engineering and has developed an expertise in the application of various urban flood modelling techniques, including CADSS. Niña is also working on research and consultancy projects related to urban flood modelling and climate change impact analyses.

Nina is an authorised DHI trainer.

MSc, Civil Engineering, Asian Institute of Technology and EuroAquae

Depending on your chosen access tier, you will have your own personal tutor for either one or two 1-hour sessions.

Your tutor will contact you directly when you receive your license file for the course. You and your tutor will arrange the approximate timing of your online meetings at the most convenient time.

Access tiers


99 excl. VAT
  • 30-day access to all course material
  • 30-day training license
  • No access to personal tutor
  • Training certificate upon completion


299 excl. VAT
  • 30-day access to all course material
  • 30-day training license
  • One 1-hour session with a personal tutor
  • Training certificate upon completion


499 excl. VAT
  • 60-day access to all course material
  • 60-day training license
  • Two 1-hour sessions with a personal tutor
  • Training certificate upon completion

* Free with an active SMA or subscription

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