3D wave modelling with MIKE 3 Wave FM

Online training for the busy modeller

Take your wave modelling a giant step further
- and make it better and smarter!

This brand new online course provides you with in-depth training on advanced 3D phase-resolving wave model that can be applied to ports & terminals, coastal areas, as well as the offshore and maritime industry. 

Affordable and convenient high quality technical training!

This instructor-facilitated, online course will provide advanced users and professionals involved in wave modelling with the skills to benefit from MIKE 3 Wave FM – a new wave modelling application that outperforms other existing deterministic wave models on the market.

The online instructor-facilitated format gives you access to DHI’s expert trainers without the cost of travel and time away from the office. The course will combine theory and practice including hands-on exercises, group work, videos, quizzes, and home assignments. You will have ample time to collaborate with fellow participants, discuss tips & tricks, best practices, and pertinent examples.

Course details and important dates

This online course consists of four weekly sessions starting on 14 March 2019 through 04 April 2019. Each session lasts two hours and includes a short break. The training takes place on Thursdays from 16.00-18.00 (UTC) 

07 March – Registration deadline

14 March – Session 1: My First 3D Wave Model
Meshing, resolution & wave propagation, model standard outputs

21 March – Session 2: Wave Generation and Damping Zones
Wave generation theory, relaxation zones, irregular sea states, sponge zones, positioning of zones, statistical model outputs

28 March – Session 3: Reflection and Porosity
Porous flow, porosity zones, identifying wave reflections, reflection analysis, analysis tools

04 April – Session 4: Wave Breaking and Overtopping
Wave breaking representation, resolution, requirements, wave induced currents, flood’n’dry, run-up, green water overtopping

01 July – Deadline for purchase of 10% discount on perpetual license or annual subscription packages including MIKE 3 Wave FM

4 online sessions

750 excl. vat
  • Includes a 30-day Internet evaluation license for all MIKE 3 modules, 10% discount on perpetual license or annual subscription packages including MIKE 3 Wave FM, and training certificate

Your team of trainers

Christos Mitsis
(lead trainer)

Christos is a senior consultant ocean engineer at DHI. He has been with DHI since 2016 and is specialised in adaptation of emerging technologies in real-world applications. Christos works with advanced numerical modelling and analytics related to waves and hydrodynamics in offshore, ports and coastal environments.

Jesper Sandvig Mariegaard

Jesper is a senior researcher at DHI. He has been with DHI since 2009 and is specialised in emerging technologies, development and research projects. Jesper works with waves, numerical models, data assimilation, data science, machine learning, software development and operational forecast systems.

Peter Sloth

Peter is senior project manager and specialist consultant at DHI. Peter has extensive experience in numerical and physical modelling of waves and coastal processes, especially wave disturbance in ports and harbours. Peter has a huge experience from a wide spectrum of projects through his more than 30 years of experience.

MIKE 3 Wave FM

3D interface

Advanced 3D phase-resolving wave model that can be applied to ports & terminals, coastal areas as well as the offshore and maritime industry.

Flexible mesh

Flexible mesh-based tool for simulating fully non-linear and fully dispersive 3D waves with no depth restrictions in the model domain.

Coupling capabilities

Easy interfacing with existing MIKE 21 BW setups can be converted to MIKE 3 Wave FM model setups and there will be no more need for external tools calculation porosity (like in MIKE 21 BW).

Visit the product page to learn more about the advanced capabilities of MIKE 3 Wave FM

Course registration

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Client testimonial

"The 3D visualisation of the results has been a game changer for illustrating the risk prone areas to the many stakeholders”.

- Regional Coastal Authorities, Landes, France