Introduction to Agent-Based modelling using ABM Lab

Online training for the busy modeller

Learn the skills to conduct agent-based modelling

This new online course provides you with the skills to perform advanced simulations of behaviour and states of individuals or particles, using ABM Lab framework in conjunction of a wider suite with MIKE Powered by DHI software 

Affordable and convenient high quality technical training!

Are you a professional or researcher in the fields of population modelling, ecosystem modelling and/or behavioural ecology? Do you have a basic knowledge of modelling?

Are you prepared to allocate a minimum of two hours of self-study each week as well as commit to three 2-hour online sessions?

If yes, you can benefit from this instructor-facilitated, online course. You’ll learn the fundamentals of agent-based modelling, typical applications and how to setup and run ABM Lab models. You will also be equipped to use ABM Lab in combination with MIKE 21/3 FM. 


DHI has added extra course materials offering you the opportunity to invest an extra 1-2 hours of self-study per session to master the software.

Course details and important dates

This online course is divided into three sessions starting on 
Wednesday 30 October and continues on 06 November and 13 November. Choose between two time slots: 05:00-07:00 UTC or 15:00-17:00 UTC 

October 23rd 14:00 UTC – Registration deadline

30 October – Session 0: Overview of course structure and methodology
Course materials and learning methodology, homework requirements, deadlines, introduction to Zoom video conferencing software

06 November – Session 1: Fundamentals of agent-based modelling
Population modelling, agent-based modelling, simple model setup and execution, scenarios 

13 November – Session 2: Adding complexity
Topics: Pattern oriented modelling, model selection, forcings, model calibration, sensitivity. 


3 online sessions

425 excl. vat
  • Includes a training certificate, 30 days' Internet evaluation license for all MIKE 3 and ABM Lab modules and 10 % discount of ABM Lab module by 15 December 2019

Your instructor

Lars O. Mortensen

Lars has a research background in ecosystem ecology including multiple ecosystem types, ranging from high artic to subtropical zones. He also has extensive knowledge in statistical modelling.

His current focus is on the application of agent- based models and species distribution models as well as the impact of anthropogenic noise on marine life.

MSc, PhD, Ecosystem Ecology, Roskilde University and Aarhus University, Denmark


Advanced EIAs for aquatic organisms

ABM Lab offers advanced solutions to Environmental Impact Assesments (EIAs) for aquatic organisms - whether it involves the behaviour of large animals such as mammals & fish or dispersal units like larvae, seeds and spores of aquatic organisms.

Model complicated behaviours

ABM Lab allows you to model movement, sensing and interaction, the use of these functions permits modelling of complicated behaviours such as complicated horizontal and vertical movement, migration and swarming, foraging and breeding and growth, death and predator-prey relations.

Couple to other software

ABM Lab integrates with our classic hydrodynamic models in two and three dimensions - MIKE 21 and MIKE 3. The Lagrangian ABM Lab can work with the hydrodynamics alone, or it can be combined with the Eulerian MIKE ECO Lab in order to make the agents react to water quality parameters.

Visit the product page to learn more about the advanced capabilities of ABM Lab


Agent-based modelling with ABM Lab