Dewatering cost optimization

Mine dewatering is complex and costly. Inefficient dewatering can lead to increased downtime, higher costs, and ultimately decreased production. 

Minimise water volumes and lower dewatering costs through optimal borehole placement and efficient dewatering design


Imagine reducing operational and capital costs in dewatering operations while maintaining efficiency in your operations. 

Maintaining robust corporate governance and efficiency in integrated planning

Achieving cost effective water management operations

Significantly reduce time spent on repetitive tasks such as data collection, post-processing, and reporting to minimise operational interruptions and increase utilisation of assets.

Mitigating production, safety and environmental risk related to water

Make decisions more quickly and mitigate risks with the ability to continuously monitor pore pressures, water levels discharges, and freeboard.

Customisable dashboards provide a complete overview of water operations across your entire mine site

Drill down further to access real-time field data

Key Features

Optimizing well placement and pumping rates

Easily set up events, alerts, automated emails, and customised workflows to streamline efficiencies

Linking catchment hydrology to the dewatering system design 

 Reduce repetitive and time-consuming reporting tasks and gain operational insight on a continuous basis to share with decision makers using the built-in report generation tool. 

Operational reconcilation

Compare mine plans and model forecasts using real-time information to ensure compliance with the operating plan

Real-time feedback

Connect to multiple databases and non-structured data (e.g. spreadsheets) across your operation for real-time feedback. 

Cloud-based accessibility

Access all your mine water data and instantly share information anywhere, anytime, and on any device.  


Minimise change management and maintain existing processes through the creation of a customised dashboard for each mine site. 

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