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Groundwater/Mining Conference

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Marine Conference

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Water Resources Conference

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Urban Conference

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Process & Timeline

A quick introduction...

Each year, as part of the DHI Americas conference strategy planning, a list of Pre-Approved Conferences and corresponding Pre-Approved Attendees is determined. These conferences and attendees have been carefully selected according to the conference budget and territory plan, and are to be considered our general predetermined schedule.

1. Accept Calendar Invite

Pre-Approved Attendees will receive a calendar invite for each conference they're approved to attend. This invite will include live updates about the specific conference, such as:

2. Confirm and Register

To confirm your presence and provide registration info for a conference you're pre-approved to attend, click the link in the calendar invite for the conference or navigate to the "Pre-Approved Attendee Confirmation" page.

3. Evaluate

After the conference, attendees are required to fill out a Post-Conference Evaluation Form. This form will ask attendees to examine the value of the conference, the leads/opportunities generated, and give their opinion on attending next year.

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