Shoreline Management

How to protect and develop our coasts

Instructor-led online course

This four-module, online course will provide you with in-depth knowledge of available tools, methodologies and procedures to better design and manage projects that contribute to the sustainable development of the shoreline and physical environment in the coastal zone. 

Affordable and convenient high-quality technical training!

Are you a professional in the fields of coastal consulting, master planning and coastal administration active in the areas of shoreline management and planning of coastal or port development schemes? Do you have a basic knowledge of sediment transport and coastal processes?  

Are you prepared to complete a four-module instructor-led online course, supplemented by a one-hour introduction to the structure and methodology of the course, over five weeks with group work included in each module? 

Does your schedule allow you to allocate two hours to complete assignments for each module – from the comfort of your office, home or any location convenient for you?  

If yes, you can benefit from this instructor-facilitated, online course. 

Course details and important dates

This instructor-led online course is divided into four consecutive modules of two hours each, supplemented by a one-hour course introduction. The training takes place on Thursdays from 07:00-09:00 (UTC) for five consecutive weeks. The course dates are 22 October, 29 October, 5 November, 12 November and 19 November 2020. 

Registration deadlines
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22 October, Thursday 
Introduction to course structure and methodology  

Topics: Course materials and learning methodology, homework requirements, deadlines, introduction to Zoom meeting software 

29 October, Thursday  
Module 1: Introduction to Shoreline Management   
Topics: What is Shoreline Management and when is it relevant? Introduction to Shoreline Impact Assessment. Overview of human projects interfering with the dynamic coastal zone. Coastal processes and classification. 

5 November, Thursday  
Module 2: Protecting our coast with coastal landscaping

Topics: Shoreline erosion and coastal flooding. Shore and coast protection schemes. Beach restoration. Introduction to numerical modelling tools in coastal modelling.   

12 November, Thursday 
Module 3Waterfront developments. Ports and water intakes/outfalls  

Topics: Waterfronts in the natural environment. Design of artificial beaches. Impacts from ports and water intakes/outfalls. Optimisation of port layouts towards reduced harbour sedimentation and reduced shoreline impacts. 

19 November, Thursday 
Module 4: Planning for climate change 
Topics: Climate changes and the coastal zone. Coastal vulnerability, resilience and adaptation. Impacts on shorelines and from existing structures. Risk levels and planning. 

4 instructor-led online modules & 1 one-hour course introduction

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1,050 excl. VAT
  • Includes a 30-day Internet evaluation license for all MIKE 21 modules and LITPACK (plus full access during the course), 10% discount on purchase of MIKE 21 and LITPACK before 1 March 2021, free download of DHI’s ‘Shoreline Management Guidelines’ e-Book and training certificate

Your training team

Dr Nils Droenen

Nils is a Chief Engineer at DHI’s Coastal and Estuarine Department. He has profound experience in the development and application of advanced models of coastal processes. Nils has a huge experience from a wide spectrum of projects ranging from research and development to consultancy within coastal and marine engineering.

PhD, Coastal Dynamics, Technical University of Denmark

Dr Sten Esbjørn Kristensen

Sten is a Chief Engineer at DHI’s Coastal and Estuarine Department. Sten has extensive experience as an expert consultant within the areas of coastal and marine engineering. He is responsible for and has extensive knowledge from projects related to coastal morphodynamics and impacts from marine structures such as coastal protection and ports.

PhD, Coastal Morphology, Technical University of Denmark

Dr Kasper Kaergaard

Kasper is a Chief Engineer of DHI’s Coastal and Estuarine Department. Kasper is an expert within numerical modelling of coastal and seabed processes and the main developer of the MIKE 21 Shoreline Morphology module. Kasper has been involved in complex coastal erosion projects and has experience in teaching shoreline modelling to professionals around the world.

PhD, Coastal Morphology, Technical University of Denmark

Free Shoreline Management Guidelines e-Book

A practical guide to provide a common basis for shoreline management for coastal planners, engineers and authoritiesThis publication forms part of the training materials.

Empowering Coastal Resilience Planning through modelling

Plan for and adapt to more frequent, widespread and severe coastal flooding

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22 October, 29 October, 5 November, 12 November and 19 November 2020.