Introduction to WEST

Modelling and Simulating Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTPs)

Have a fresh start with WWTP modelling
– and get it done with WEST!

Ensuring efficient treatment performance, energy and resource usage are major challenges for WWTP operations. Luckily, the key to overcoming these challenges is modelling your WWTP.

This course provides the comprehensive training you need to use WEST, DHI’s software for modelling and simulating WWTPs. You will learn how to use WEST’s main features and user interface, as well as identify solutions to improve your specific WWTP’s operational efficiency.

Affordable and convenient high-quality technical training!

Are you a professional from academia, industry or a decision and policy maker working at all levels of WWTP engineering (design, operation, process optimisation and management)?

Do you have basic knowledge of wastewater characterization, treatment and recovery processes and technologies?

Are you prepared to complete a four-module , five-week, instructor-led online course?

Does your schedule allow you to allocate two hours to complete assignments for each module?

If yes, you can benefit from this course.

We are including extra course materials to allow you to get more familiar with WEST by investing in extra self-study time.

Course details and important dates

This online, instructor-led course is divided into five sessions. The course starts on Wednesday 14 April and continues on 21 April, 28 April, 5 May, and 12 May 2021. Sessions take place from 13:00-15:00 UTC.

9 April 15:00 UTC – Registration deadline

14 April – Introductory session: Course overview 
Topics: Course materials and learning methodology, preparation and assignment requirements, and introduction to Zoom meeting software

21 April – Module 1: WWTP layout implementation
Topics: Introduction to activated sludge models, guided user interface exploration, block and model library, and building a virtual WWTP configuration

28 April – Module 2: Model input definition and model simulations
Topics: Influent characterization and fractionation, steady-state and dynamic simulations, as well as generating and analysing model outputs

5 May – Module 3: Use of controllers in WWTP operation
Topics: Typical controllers in WWTPs, implementing and testing control rules in WEST, sensors, top-level quantities, and getting to know the data input tool 

12 May – Module 4: Evaluation of WWTP performance
Topics: Variable-process-cost calculators, operational characteristics of simulated WWTP, energy consumption, and cost evaluation

4 instructor-led online modules & 1 one-hour course introduction

750 excl. vat
  • Includes full access to WEST software during course, 30 days' Internet evaluation license for WEST, 10% discount on purchase of WEST license by 30 September 2021, and training certificate upon course completion

Your training team

Fabio Polesel

Fabio Polesel, PhD, is a wastewater engineer working at DHI’s urban water department in Denmark.

Fabio has extensive experience in process modelling in biological wastewater treatment systems. His responsibilities at DHI include wastewater modelling projects, technical support and training in the WEST software.

MSc, Environmental Engineering, Universitá degli Studi di Padova, Italy; PhD and PostDoc, Environmental Engineering, Technical University of Denmark (DTU).

Enrico Remigi

Enrico Remigi, PhD, is a wastewater process modeller at DHI, responsible for model implementation and technical support.

Enrico is a member of the WEST development team and has extensive experience in WEST modelling projects and training.

MSc, Environmental Engineering, Politecnico di Milano, Italy, and IFA-Tulln, Austria; PhD, Environmental Engineering, Politecnico di Milano; PostDoc, University of kwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.


User interface

Easy and intuitive layout implementation, advanced dashboard functionalities, as well as integrated workbooks and reporting


Dedicated library of controllers and implementation of control loops and rules used in real-world WWTP operation

Energy & costs

Detailed evaluation of energy balance (consumption, recovery) and costs for relevant process units and whole WWTP

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