FEFLOW International User Conference

Hamburg, Germany | Oct 8-11, 2024


Groundwater Modelling Without Limits

Hamburg, Germany
Oct 8-11, 2024

Mark your calendar for this year’s four-day tri-annual FEFLOW International User Conference!

Join us alongside fellow FEFLOW users and esteemed experts from across the globe as we converge in the enchanting city of Hamburg. This event is your passport to a world of exploration, where we will exchange ideas, share experiences, and dive deep into the realm of groundwater modelling.


Keynote Speakers


Dr. Inga Moeck

Dr. Inga Moeck is a structural geologist and professor of Applied Geothermics and Geohydraulics in the Geosciences and Geography department at Georg-August-University. This position is a joint professorship with the University Göttingen and Leibniz Institute for Applied Geophysics (LIAG), where she is Chair of Section Geothermics and Information Systems.


Prof. Philippe Renard

Since 2005, Prof. Philippe Renard has led the Stochastic Hydrogeology Group at the University of Neuchâtel. Their research focuses on reservoir characterisation, from modern techniques for well test interpretation to 3D geological modeling and recent geostatistical techniques. He also enjoys the classical field of hydrogeology, practical case studies, and conducting laboratory experiments.


Dr. Bernhard Becker

Dr. Bernhard Becker works as a researcher and consultant at Deltares (Delft, the Netherlands) in the fields of river-aquifer interaction, model coupling, large-scale groundwater and water balance modelling and reservoir optimisation. He serves as an external lecturer at RWTH Aachen University for a course in groundwater management.

Why Attend?

Global Exchange

Engage in vibrant discussions with like-minded individuals, learn from renowned experts, and present your own FEFLOW software applications. It’s a golden opportunity to showcase your work and gain valuable insights.

Future Visions

Delve into the limitless possibilities of FEFLOW’s capabilities and explore the exciting implications of future developments, charting the course for cutting-edge advancements in groundwater modelling.

Innovations Unveiled

Stay ahead of the curve by exploring the latest innovations and trends in groundwater modelling. We’ll tackle real-world challenges and discuss potential solutions, fostering collaborative growth.

Hands-On Workshops

Elevate your skills with immersive FEFLOW training workshops. Whether you’re a novice or an advanced user, we’ve got tailored sessions to ensure you leave this event with newfound expertise.

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